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Heather Taylor

Board Vice President

My name is Board Member Heather Taylor. I am a trained Computer Programmer by trade and an Information Technical Specialist by profession.  My personal passion lies in community work. I have more than 10 years’ experience working with several community affiliates, boards and non-profit organizations, I have dedicated a lifetime to working with youth within the Arts field. I am the Director of my own community dance group. Additionally, I am well exposed to other different cultures. I also enjoy domestic and international travel and have extensive travel experience in the Diaspora of Africa. And I am looking forward to my upcoming travels to Japan soon. I'm a firm believer that in order for the world to come together in love and unity we must all open our horizons to experience different cultures, talents and lifestyles.

  • Currently serving as a board member of Transcendence Performance Arts Center.

  • Currently serving as a commissioner for the City of Lansing Housing Commission

  • Currently serving as a commissioner for the City of Lansing Regional Sister Cities Project

  • Currently serving as the Director of Worship Without Words community youth dance group for 11years

  • Currently serving as a chapter member of Black Lives Matter of Lansing

  • Currently serving as the Head Coach for Lansing Black Diamonds co-ed softball team.

  • Served seven years on the Lansing Juneteenth Board Member, Entertainment Co-Chairperson

  • Served three years as a Martin Luther King Luncheon Commissioner

  • Served three years as an El-Hajj Shabazz Academy School board honorary member

Currently serving as the first black female Information Technology Professional hired by the City of Lansing. I am honored!


Heather Taylor
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