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TPAC Private Lessons

TPAC Private Studios

$55 per week


Multi-Genre Private Instruction


Access to recording techniques sessions


Access to Guest Artist Master Classes


This Option is for ALL Adult Education Programs and One on One Lessons for Youth

Group Sessions & Workshops

TPAC Unlimited Package

Donate What You Can!

(18 yrs & Younger ONLY)

Dance Technique


Acrobatics (Tumbling)


Mosaic Children's Choir


Mass Media and Recording


The Verna D. Holley Project 

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TPAC no longer requires auditions for private instruction. Faculty will determine skill level and proper course of instruction after beginning lessons. A deposit will be required for all private lessons.  

18 yrs. & Younger ONLY: What would you like to donate for your TPAC Class each month? You will be sent an invoice every month

NOTE: NO CHILD WILL EVER BE DENIED ACCESS TO ANY TPAC PROGRAM BECUASE OF AN INABILITY TO PAY. Donations are optional and will not exclude students, nor will they give preferential status. 

Thanks for applying!
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